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“Everything in life is energy (Chi), Feng Shui is the art of identifying and balancing the flow of this energy to optimize your health and prosperity.”

How you arrange your space around you affects the flow of Chi, it’s a question of balance. Incorrect placement and stagnant Chi could be the cause of bad health or blocks in your life experiences.

"Your prosperity, health and opportunities are all influenced by your environment."
“Susan, now based in Hervey Bay, Qld, brings an extra and very powerful dimension to her formal training in Feng Shui :-”

Susan Feng Shui - Hervey Bay - QldSince a small child she has had a natural gift to communicate with both the physical world and the subtle world. This is a huge advantage to a Feng Shui Practioner, the ability to ‘feel’ energy, and the powerful results she gets for her clients bears this out.

“The Bagua Grid & The Five Element Theory”

Using the principals of the Western Feng Shui BTB School using the Bagua Grid below, combined with the 5 elements Theory we have a process that makes it possible to balance your land home and business.

"The Bagua Grid"
Feng Shui Bagua Grid Hervey Bay 1
Feng Shui Bagua Grid Hervey Bay 1
“Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood.”

The Five Element Theory uses fire, earth, metal, water & wood to analyze and harmonize the Chi on your land and within your home or business.  For example if you have too much water in your fire sector you may find that you are struggling within that particular area of your life. Making a correction to your fortune sector by using the element of wood and fire could soon have your fortune area burning bright again!

Five Element Theory - Feng Shui - Hervey Bay - Qld